There are three ways to earn your

Sound Healing Mastery Level I Certificate:

  • Hybrid model found on this page, with an online home study course AND an In-Person 3 Day Intensive
  • 7 Day In Person Intensive (next one is August 2017)
  • Customized Training for individuals or small groups (use the Contact Us form to connect with Kay)

The Hybrid Model – with Online Home Study Course AND In-Person 3 Day Retreat Intensive is designed for those who cannot commit to a 7 day in-person intensive, or who prefer more time to integrate while learning. This is a Self-Paced Home Study Course you can begin at any time, followed by a 3-Day Retreat Intensive for hands-on experience.

You can take the Online Course first, and then complete the In-Person requirement, or take the retreat first, and do the Online Course afterwards. The Online Course is described below, followed by the 3 Day Retreat Intensive details. (It’s fine to take only one or the other, but no certificate will be earned.)

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Build A Solid Foundation in Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Healing Mastery with Kay Grace, CAEH, (See more about Kay at bottom of page) is a Sound Healing Practitioner Level I Certificate Program offering ten 2.5 hour online classes (webcasts), 2 LIVE webcasts for Q & A,  as well as a 3 full-day retreat intensive designed to build a solid foundation in vibrational  or sound therapy.

In this groundbreaking series you will learn the art and science of sound healing, from how it works, to experiencing it through immersion. You will also learn to use the tools of Sound Healing, from focusing your intention to using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Crystals, Crystal Singing Bowls, Drums, Light and Color, sacred geometry, music and movement, and using your own Voice to heal as you practice both giving and receiving the healing power of sound.

Sound Healing is a form of energy medicine or vibrational therapy. Every living thing has a frequency or vibration. When we harness the power of these frequencies and add new ones with conscious intention, we create a positive, healing reaction, not only in the body, but also in the energy field, and the mental, emotional and spiritual realms.  Sound healing is amazing and effective in helping you manage pain, stress, and to face challenges more easily.  It’s also a powerful way to become more conscious and aware, deepening your compassion and opening new pathways to becoming more of your authentic self.  These tools are something you can use in a practical way whether you take the course to explore becoming a sound healing practitioner, to add sound healing to your existing work, or for your own personal growth and self-healing.

You’ll also learn the ethics of vibrational therapy, and how not to project your own issues into a healing session. How to create and maintain good energetic boundaries is also included so that you can keep your energy strong and clear while you help others, instead of feeling drained.

In the retreat immersion experience, (see details below) you’ll be able to practice hands-on with the tools and learn how to conduct a sound healing session.  You’ll be introduced to heart based business practices, to create a solid foundation for your healing work, whether you use it for self-healing, friends and family, or as the foundation or addition to a thriving client practice.

What’s Included?

laptop-33521_64010 REPLAY Webcasts –  2 ½ hours each – Online Classes you can Access from the Comfort of your Home at your own pace!

Extensive PDF Handouts for each Module

Private Resource Web Page with links to audio, video and places to explore further learning

2 LIVE 90 minute Q & A, Review & Meditation Webcasts, currently scheduled in March & July, 2016. These will be RECORDED, so you can listen to the replay if you miss one

Cedar Cliff Lake Superior

3 Day  Immersion Retreat Experience begins on a Thursday evening, at 7:00pm, and ends on a Sunday 12:00pmMarch 31 -April 3rd, 2016 in sunny Florida, and September/October 2016 in Minnesota.

It will be held at a lovely vacation home or retreat center no more than 1-4 hours hour from Minneapolis, MN, U.S., (except Winter getaway locations) and includes meals, snacks and lodging, guest presenters and LOTS of hands-on sound healing experiences you’ll never forget.  Attending the webcasts AND the retreat is mandatory to receive your certificate, though you are welcome to do just the webcasts or come to the retreat to explore & experience sound without the certificate (more details on the Retreat are below).


What Others Are Saying:

“We found the course with Kay Grace very illuminating on the methodology of Sound Healing.  Kay brought more than her knowledge and methods; she added a wonderful sense of warmth, humor and wisdom that made her an ideal teacher and mentor.  We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her in an interactive setting.  Would highly recommend her to others.”

~Carla & Andrew Grivas, Minneapolis, MN  (Dental Hygienist and Medical Illustrator)

“The whole series was wonderful – for me it was meant to be.  I would highly recommend this course series!”

“Thank you for your generosity of spirit in sharing your wisdom of Sound – loved every minute of it, and it will continue to vibrate in me. “

~Julia Uleberg , Healing Touch Practitioner

“Loved the experiential aspect.  I appreciate how clearly and simply and accessibly profound information was communicated and taught. Thank you so much.  All was good.  Love it.”

“Very uplifting! Kay does a fabulous job of melding science with metaphysics.  My experience has been very transformative and has carried over in a good way throughout  each class.  I highly recommend the series.”

~Samantha Kelley, M.A. Holistic Health Services

“Kay is generous with her time and materials, and resources as well as giving additional valuable resources for those who want to explore something further.  Each class in this series has held surprises and unexpected revelations – highly recommend it!”

“Kay is a knowledgeable and relaxed instructor.  I was able to experience a Tibetan Singing Bowl demo – the sound created deep vibrations, and a washing or clearing of my energy field, while supporting shifts needed to balance and find my own voice.”

~Terry Clegg,  (former) Staff at Normandale College, Energy Work Practitioner

“I am taking the entire series and it has been fabulous – loving every class!”

~Chris Adams, Licensed Social Worker & Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Curriculum & Class Details

Online Webcast Classes #1 & 2: The Healing Power of Sound – Foundation

Explore the art and science of Sound Healing through immersion and hands on experiential learning.  We will cover the how and the why, as well as an overview of the chakras and the Human Energetic System as it relates to Sound Healing.  You’ll learn how to connect with your Higher Self and to trust the guidance it brings.  We’ll cover the ethics of vibrational therapy, and how not to project your own issues into a healing session, and the importance of doing your own healing work on yourself.  As you are introduced to the tools of sound healing, you’ll practice live on the webcast with your classmates on giving and receiving Higher Self guidance in unique and powerful Mastermind mini-sessions designed to help you open and trust your intuitive gifts.  Discover some simple yet powerful sound practices to incorporate into your everyday life.

Online Webcast Classes #3: Sounding the Earth – Drums, Dance & Didgeridoo

Sound healing has been around for thousands of years, and many of these methods are just as powerful today as they were then. From tribal or ecstatic dance, to rhythm, drums and the didgeridoo of the Australian Aborigines, these ancient sounds connect us to the Earth in a primal way, as the vibrations make us want to move.  Shamans have used drums to anchor vision quests, while others have used drums to call in a state of being, create a ritual, raise energy, or to release a stuck or stagnant energy.  Learn some basics on using drums, voice and nature-based sounds for both self-healing and working with others.

NOTE:  On the retreat you’ll experience this live using movement, earth music, voice, drums, and rattles, and be taken on a guided sound journey to access your inner wisdom, and to let go of anything that is not serving your highest good.

Guest presenter on last retreat: Hanakia Zedek:  Inner Voice & the Talking Woods.      Guest presenter on last retreat:  Cheri Bunker:  Drumming Health Rhythms

Online Webcast Classes #4: Voice I – Your Soul Signature

Intention is everything, but what if you’re not aware of them all?  Learn to recognize when something is honoring your authentic Voice, and when it is not.  Uncover  unconscious “ counter intentions” which may be blocking you from your highest potential.

Use your voice to shift your energy with sound toward greater harmony and toward what you DO want, while letting go of whatever is no longer serving your highest good.  We’ll explore the ancient art of chanting and sacred mantras to experience this first hand, both in a special listening experience through a private web page for registered students online either before or just after you view and listen to this webcast, and in person with even greater depth during the 3 day retreat.

Guest Presenter in FL Winter/Spring 2016:  John Hakim Bushnell:  Sacred Sufi Chant and the Ceremony of Remembrance, via Skype

Online Webcast Classes #5: Voice II– As A Healing Tool

Your voice is the most powerful of all the sound healing tools.   Learn how to use toning to clear and balance the energy centers in yourself and others, as well as how to use the voice to dissolve physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual blocks.  We’ll practice how to use toning to do distance healing and healing with groups of people.  We’ll also cover using the voice as a diagnostic tool, and an introduction to overtone singing, also known as vocal harmonics.  You’ll learn how to use your voice effectively without hurting your throat or vocal cords.

There will be short review videos available so you can practice anytime you like, and we’ll play more with creating vocal harmonics on the retreat as well.

Online Webcast Classes #6: Singing Metals:  Tibetan (Himalayan) Bowls & Chimes

Learn how to use Tibetan Bowls to balance the energy centers, to clear blocks and to entrain a person into a state of peace and calming.  These amazing metal singing bowls can also be used to determine where a block may be in the energy system.

Metal chimes and  Ting-Shas are additional sound healing tools from the singing metals family; learn how they work and practice some great self-care methods as well as ways to work with others to balance and harmonize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

There will be short videos available for review as well, so you can “see” as well as “hear,” and you will experience them live on the retreat.

Online Webcast Classes #7:  Singing Metals:  Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks are also members of the Singing Metals family of sound healing tools.  They have a powerful and focused effect on the nervous system, nourishing the brain, and helping people get out of the “fight or flight” panic mode, and back into peace and calming.  They are also known to help relieve acute physical pain, especially swelling and inflammation.

You’ll learn how this works, and a couple of simple protocols to use tuning forks both on the body at acupressure points, as well as off the body, in the energy field, depending on the desired outcome, which you can practice in person on the retreat.

Online Webcast Classes #8:  Sounding the Light; Color & Sound for Healing

Sound waves are actually physical matter (atoms and molecules), where light waves are electromagnetic and appear as different colors when dispersed through a prism. Learn how to use sound, light and color together to create a powerful healing effect.

Many healing systems connect specific colors to specific chakras or energy centers, and specific sounds to certain colors as well, while others feel that any color can be “encoded” onto any sound, as long as the intention is clear.  You’ll learn to work with colors in both ways, and to trust your intuition about which method is best in a particular situation.

Online Webcast Classes #9:  Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystals & Clairaudience

Crystal singing bowls and crystals amplify, transform, store, focus, transfer and transmute energy.  Our bodies also contain “crystalline structures,” as bones, and the myelin sheaths of the nervous system, which is why using them is so powerful as a sound healing tool – it affects us “bone deep.”  The binaural beats and unusual harmonics produced by the singing bowls can profoundly affect our nervous system and assist with both physical and emotional healing.  During the retreat, you will experience this for yourself as you are surrounded by the celestial sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls.

When we master the use of crystal, we open ourselves to become an instrument of transmission and reception – of higher wisdom and healing sound.  Learn how to use crystals with sound effectively both for healing and to develop your intuition and clairaudience – the power to hear sounds & messages beyond the reach of ordinary experience.

Guest Presenter, FL Winter/Spring 2016:  Michael James Wachner, sound healing musician and channel for Archangel Michael and other Beings of Light, via Skype Video

Online Webcast Classes #10: Ethics & Becoming a Sound Healing Practitioner

Now that you’ve learned the tools and gained a bit of real experience in using sound, it’s time to learn what it’s like to be a healing practitioner, a guide and healing presence for others. You will learn how to conduct a complete Sound Healing session with a friend or client, from intake and regulatory concerns, to asking from the heart for your client to book their next appointment. You’ll do a short discovery process to help you get clear on whether you want to pursue becoming a practitioner, use what you’ve learned for self-healing, or add some sound work to an existing practice.

We’ll cover the ethics of vibrational therapy in more depth, and how to create and maintain good energetic boundaries so that you can keep your energy strong and clear while you help others. We’ll discuss the importance of doing your own self-healing work, and provide useful tools for a daily practice to keep you clear and grounded, and provide resources for times when the healer needs healing!

BONUS Webcast (optional):  Q & A with Kay  Late Summer/Early Fall 2016- Date TBA Get your questions answered, and go through a guided meditation practice to connect with your inner wisdom about your next steps.  Do you want to be a healer, or work on deep change in yourself?  What does your guidance say?

I’m not sure about the Webcasts – Can I really learn this way?  Will they really be experiential and interactive?

The online course has had a chance to taken by many people in the last four years, and the feedback has been really positive. It helps me to make the course even better, and to add better links and new information at any time, so it stays fresh.  Once you take the course, you have lifetime access to any new content added. I also offer a Level II Year-Long Apprenticeship program which is made up of 2 retreats, plus 6 live day intensives, plus 22 webcasts, so I have lots of experience using this tool!

We connect by phone and computer for the two LIVE webcasts, so we can all hear one another in real time. Each recorded & live webcast opens with a guided sound healing meditation or experience, and provides video “slides” which illustrate whatever we are discussing, as well as handouts (PDFs) which you receive for each webcast, so you have the content highlights and notes.  I also provide links to various videos and audios, some of which I have created, some of which are out on YouTube and other websites, to more clearly illustrate what we are working on.  The real beauty of these webcasts is that you can move through them at your own pace, and you can email questions anytime, to be answered in our live webcasts, where there is also the opportunity to actually practice what you are learning about with each other.

Sound healing, being auditory, is a great fit for this, because techniques using voice  don’t have to be supported visually.  It’s possible to perform a full sound healing on someone remotely, or even by phone, which I have done for many years.  I have found that it’s also easier for students to really get clear on their own Higher Self connection and inner wisdom when we practice it together on the phone or webcast – not being physically in the same room with each other actually takes any “pressure to perform” off.

More Comments from the Course Series:

“Kay is an amazing teacher.  Her intelligence, knowledge, deep compassion and energy is WONDERFUL.  She is a gift.”

~Mary Anne Beers

“This course goes beyond learning the fundamentals of sound.  It truly is a healing experience and a safe environment for exploring Sound.”

“Kay is professional and very knowledgeable.  The right mix of education and practice.”

“I would recommend Kay as an instructor to anyone.  She was well prepared, thoughtful and willing to share her wisdom  – very organized and inspirational!

“Thank you for more tools in the healing toolbox.  I appreciate your openness and lightheartedness with a very important and sometimes “heavy” material.  What a gold mine!”

“Loved every moment of the class.  Kay is an awesome teacher and after just one class, I’m already feeling the amazing power of sound.”

3 Day Sound Healing Retreat Intensives

Held in Minnesota in September/October and in a Sunny, Warm Winter Getaway location in March/April each year


Intensives begin Thursday at 7:00pm and end Sunday at 12:00pm and are held in a lovely vacation home or retreat center 1-4 hours hour from Minneapolis, MN, U.S., (except Winter getaway locations) and include meals, snacks and lodging, guest presenters and LOTS of hands-on sound healing experiences you’ll never forget.  Attending the webcasts AND the retreat is mandatory to receive your certificate, though you are welcome to do just the webcasts or come to the retreat to explore & experience sound without the certificate.

vilano beach fl 3


St. Augustine, Florida


Thursday, March 31st at 7:00pm and ending on Sunday April 3rd at 12:00pm

Hands-On Learning

Using LIVE demos and mini practice exchanges with Sound Healing Tools and Techniques, we’ll be covering:
  • Drumming, Movement & Didgeridoo
  • Sacred Chants & Mantras
  • Vocal Harmonics & Overtone Singing
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Tuning Forks
  • Sound & Color Wash – a healing protocol
  • Crystal Singing Bowls, & Crystal Sound Therapy
  • Energetic Boundaries & Becoming an Ethical Healer

Discover and Enjoy:

How to use your unique signature sound and intention to step into the vibration of what you DO want, such as happiness, grace, ease, certainty, well-being or courage.

Create Your Soul Mantra:   you will create your own sound healing mantra with your voice based on your Soul Path and purpose.

Sound Journey:  A powerful sound & music meditation experience designed to anchor you more deeply in the consciousness of Love, to help you listen deeply, and co-create a circle of healing sound with voice, nature-based sounds, drums and more.

A moonlight walk & crystal singing bowl meditation under the stars on the beach, sounding with nature herself.

How to keep your energy clear & strong and embody integrity when working with clients or caring for others.

A Sound Bath we create together with our Voices, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls & Drums.

Dive deep, bringing together all that you’ve learned, and practice the art and science of Sound Healing hands on with your fellow participants. This retreat is highly experiential; expect a transformational and healing experience as you step into Level I of the Mastery of Sound Healing.

Understand and experience for yourself what it’s like to focus on your BEING, instead of on DOING, and on what else is possible, as you practice allowing, receiving and letting go of judgments and limited thinking that may have stopped you from opening into your magnificence – your authentic self-hood.

Explore the use of music as medicine. Music speaks to both sides of the brain, logical/ verbal AND emotional/non verbal.  The more complex music is, the more it draws the listener in as it both intrigues the mind and touches the emotions. We’ll explore music from the perspective of both creators and active listeners, and learn what kinds of music works well in different situations, from healing sessions to better productivity, to studying for tests, or reducing stress and anxiety.

Whether you plan to serve clients as a sound healing practitioner, or simply to use what you have learned to create greater harmony, healing and happiness in your life, this retreat will be an anchor of well-being, confidence and self-mastery.

cropped-web-cover1For the Minnesota 2016 and the Winter Getaway 2017 retreat intensives, you will also receive a ticket (my treat) to a fantastic concert held right in our location, given by an amazing musician. (TBA for Fall 2016)   Past guest musicians have included Michael Monroe, Steven C. Anderson, Michael James Wachner, Hanakia Zedek, and Ben Woolman, to name a few.  All are professional musicians and composer/songwriters and I choose those who have incredible ways of channeling pure spirit when playing. embodying and radiating healing energy in and through the music. The performances are a catalyst for healing, meditation and transformation and seem to carry the beauty and spirit of the woods, lakes, rivers, ocean or canyons surrounding us.

For the FL Winter/Spring 2016 retreat, I will be providing the concert, with Crystal Singing Bowls and voice, and will have my new CD, Crystal & Piano, Sound Healing Music for the Soul available as well.

Also for FL Winter/Spring 2016, Guest presenter Hakim Bushnell, a Sufi teacher and musician, will lead us in the deeply moving Sufi ceremony of remembrance, zikr, demonstrating the power and beauty of chant and music, via Skype.

You will also experience the power of clairaudience with guest presenter Michael James Wachner.   Michael is a Minneapolis based producer, songwriter and musician; he has an incredible way of bringing through the highest vibrations through his music. Via Skype video, he will provide a special message for us, as he is also a gifted channel for Archangel Michael and other powerful beings.

I’d Love to Come – What is the Cost?

Using an online and in-person “Hybrid” combination for the Level I Certificate means new content can be added at any time, and made available to those who complete Level I, for life.  It’s an ever-evolving version of the Sound Healing Mastery Certificate Program   – with 10 webcast replays and 2 LIVE webcasts, plus online resources and handouts for deeper review and listening experiences, PLUS a 3 Day In-Person Retreat.

For comparison, a typical Healing Touch Level I class, taken over 2 days (16 hours of instruction) costs about $375.00, or $24 per hour.  Sound Healing Mastery provides 64 hours of instruction (online + retreat) and lifetime access to any new content added, for about $21 per hour, so it’s a good value.

Some other useful comparisons for holistic training:

  • Massage Therapy:  $16,000, for 900 hours, or about $25 per hour plus books and fees
  • Craniosacral Therapy Level I:   $858 or $28 per hour plus books
  • Spring Forest Qi Gong:  $398 for 2.5 day weekend or $25 per hour

The Online Home Study Course Tuition is $899.  There is an additional energy investment of $679 for tuition for 3 Day Retreat Intensives in Minnesota or $777 in Winter Getaway locations (a retreat is required for those completing a Level I Certificate), and includes all materials, surprises and amazing Guest Presenters!

Lodging and Meals are listed separately for each retreat based on venue, and reflect only the cost to us. We always choose delicious local, mostly organic meals & snacks, and often make the food ourselves.  Some past participants have told us they would come for the food alone!

Option A: Take the Webcast Series first, then come to the Retreat to be held March 31 – April 3rd, 2016 in sunny Florida, or in Sept/October 2016 in Minnesota. Pay only the tuition for the home study webcast course at this time; pay for the retreat tuition 60 days before the retreat is scheduled (MN Fall 2016 exact dates to be announced).

Option B: Take the 3 Day Retreat Intensive first, either on March 31 – April 3rd, 2016 in sunny Florida, or in Sept/October 2016 in Minnesota. Pay only for the Retreat at least 60 days before it is scheduled;  pay for the webcast tuition whenever you are ready to take it (up to 2 years after attending a retreat). Be sure to look for the next available additional LIVE webcast dates as they are announced via email and on our events calendar.

Non Certificate Option:  You may choose to take the Webcast Series alone, OR the 3-Day Retreat alone, without receiving your Level I Certificate (you must do both to receive the certificate).

Most retreat facilities can house between 10 and 50 people. Most will be sharing rooms with 2 single beds, or even dormitory style in some cases. There are usually a few single rooms which will be offered first-come, first-served.

The energy is exceptionally beautiful this way, when we are not distracted by driving home and checking email, and talking to those who are not sharing the experience with us.

All your meals and snacks from Friday breakfast through Sunday breakfast will be made with loving care from fresh, primarily organic ingredients by the awesome staff or by Michael, my husband and co-leader. As a healer himself, he will be adding intention and high vibration to the food, to keep us energized and grounded.   We are able to accommodate those eating a gluten-free, paleo or vegan type diet; just let us know.

Each person must click on more than one “Add to Cart” Buttons – one for the Online Course Tuition, one for Retreat Tuition, and any related to Food & lodging for your retreat choice unless you are choosing only the webcast series at this time.

Once you click on the PayPal Add to Cart button, you will be taken to secure checkout page where you can pay using PayPal or a major credit card.  We also accept checks, though it may take a bit longer while the check clears, to confirm your spot.  Checks should be made payable to Two Spirits, LLC, and mailed to 4024 14th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN  55407.

Please NOTE: All Retreat payments are non-refundable, since we must pay the facility in advance, and do not receive a refund for any changes or cancellations.  If the retreat were to be cancelled by us due to weather or emergency, your tuition only would be applied to a future or re-scheduled event for up to one year.  Webcast Home Study Tuition payments are non-refundable, since you will have immediate access to the online course webcasts, materials and password-protected resource web page.

Webcast Home Study Series TUITION: $899 PER PERSON (Click separately for each person registering)

$899 Webcast Home Study Tuition

3 DAY Retreat FL Winter/Spring 2016 TUITION: $777 PER PERSON (Click separately for each person registering)

3 Day Retreat, FL Winter/Spring 2016, Food & Lodging:  $427 (Click separately for each person registering)

3 Day Retreat, MN Fall 2016, Tuition:  $679 (Click separately for each person registering)

3 Day Retreat, MN Fall 2016, Food & Lodging:  $320 (Click separately for each person registering)

Why would you want to do this?

From the comments of past students…

“To learn the fundamentals of Sound Healing, and to go beyond that, to experience healing and transformation”

“Knowledge and hands-on learning to use in my everyday life in the face of change and challenge”

“To learn what it takes to become a profound  healing presence for others”

“To add unique skills and new tools to my existing work in order to serve more people”

“To Find my Own Voice”

Why wouldn’t you?

The truth is, we’re all afraid of deep change, and building your sound healing skills and participating fully in your own healing journey (whether you ever become a practitioner or not) requires embracing a path of deep personal and transformational growth.  This naturally brings up thoughts like “I don’t have enough time to do this, “ “I don’t have enough money to do this,” or “I’m not sure if I really have what it takes to do this.”

The key is to discern whether these thoughts are coming from a place of what is really so, or from internal resistance.  Are they showing you that this course is not a good fit?  Or are they showing you fear? If it’s fear, you’ll have to choose whether you are willing to go beyond it, and claim what your heart is telling you.

I believe your education, passion and commitment to serving others happens in stages, and each stage requires that you invest your time, money and passion to bring your dream to life.  Sometimes that dream is a personal one – a journey to becoming your best self, living in the freedom of being who you really are, offering your gifts in service, not because you “should,” but because it’s your heart’s deepest desire.  Choosing to participate in a program like this can be an important part of this journey, whether or not you choose to “hang out a shingle” in this field.

When you choose to study with me, I will do all that I can to honor your trust in me, and to co-create an experience that truly makes a difference in your life and in the lives of those you touch.

With love moving through me,

Kay Grace

About the Teacher

Kay Grace, author of the forthcoming book, Sound Healing Mastery, enjoys teaching the art and science of Sound Healing, and empowering  people to access the unique qualities of their spirits to create lives of greater harmony and happiness in her popular retreats & intensives. She has an established private practice offering Sound Healing Therapy and Energy Work since 2001, and has helped thousands of clients access the power of sound to relieve stress, reduce pain, and create deep healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  A graduate of a four year certification program in advanced energy work from Inner Focus School, she has also studied Sound Healing extensively with Jonathan Goldman and Sound Accord Healing School.  She enjoys Tai Chi and Qi Gong, leading wilderness retreats and spiritual journey travel retreats.  A published singer & songwriter, Kay is a member of the International Sound Healers Association, ABMP, and a valued faculty member in the Integrative Health Education department at Normandale College.

Energy Express & Two Spirits Soul Directed Sound Healing  for Happiness, Harmony & Well-Being